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It is desirous of The Anishinabe Nations of The Great Turtle Islands to maintain harmonious relations within our borders.

It is desirous of The Anishinabe Nations of The Great Turtle Islands to maintain harmonious relations within our borders.

The entity of CANADA is a Guest on Our Land, CANADA is registered and operated as CORPORATE CANADA in USA. All politicians and government officials and courts and people in CANADA swear allegiance to “THE QUEEN’.

While the motivation of CANADA  – The Crown in Cultural Genocide of The Original People and maintaining the Apartheid state, is obvious, Turtle Island is immensely rich in resources and resource wealth, we caution Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II, that to maintains the Apartheid control of her Defacto Colonial Empire on Anishinabe Nations Land of Turtle Island by legal deceit and trickery, the current control of the resources are through her Corporation, Canada is TRADED in the US Stock Exchange and registered as are OTHER “ex-colonies”. CORPORATE CANADA in USA. This is Canada’s corporate registered number is 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depository Receipt. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20036.

By the Authority granted by The Sovereign Kitchi-Ostew-Kaneekanagoshick-Okimow-Wacon-Kaneekaneet Of The Sovereign Anishinabe Nation Of Turtle Island, I remain Ararita Plenipotentiary Embassador and Permanent Representative of The Nations of The Great Turtle Island.

H.E. Ararita
Embassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative (DPC: 30 March 2009)


Clear and mutually advantageous rules governing their trade and in such a manner as will enhance the efforts of the other Partners and shall in no way impair, impede or frustrate the right or efforts of any of the other Partners to formulate their own foreign aid or investments in relation to each other and the ability of the other Partners in achieving their international aims and objectives, in particular, the Partners will when appropriate and permissible,

  1. In the spirit of co-operation, ensure free flow of information concerning international affairs,
  1. Undertake to protect each other’s business affairs and transactions from all or any external or third party attempts to undermine their respective international rights, privileges and freedom to conduct its Sovereign business,
  1. This includes the setting up of a Chamber of Commerce to protect the cultural and intellectual property rights of each Nation;


Know ye all men that The Turtle Island Government fully recognize the Sovereignty and Inherent Preeminent rights of the Original People of the Lands and/or Indigenous First Nations Peoples, represented by the Councils of Hereditary Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Spiritual Leaders as Heads of States, who have a commitment to work together through their Embassies and their Central Banks combining collective strengths, knowledge, collective efforts and influence, to channel those qualities into one common agenda, which is to setup an economic base for reciprocal relations and enhancement of their infrastructure of States in the first instance and to address poverty, humanitarian relief and disaster management on The Great Turtle Island.  Secondly, to have a cohesive working party and realize that the long term effects are fundamental upon having commercial projects, the latter of which must be realistic and viable and which contribute to the building of economies in order to empower The Nations that comprise The Federation of Nations of The Great Turtle Island to provide and care for their people, communities and dependents.

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