The Seventh Fire, The Fire of The King is Lit – Now!

A message from Sagitta – “It is time all Military Conflict Must Stop Now!”

The Seventh Fire, The Fire of The King is Lit Now!

ALL  War and Killing on Turtle Island Must Stop, The Celestial Militia, “The Red Star, and Blue Star” have Arrived from Above.

Only Those who do live under the Great Law of Peace will be allowed on Turtle Island. The Celestial Militia from Above Are Here Now to enforce The Great Law of Peace.

War draws destructive forces from Above, above the Sky barrier, these Elements are unstoppable by the Vatican. Vatican Jesuit Military action on This Earth bringing Massive Global Destruction. The Warnings have been issued over and over by those from Above, these are among the last warnings. Those who were enslaving the Indigenous in Atlantis did Not heed the Warnings.

The White, The Black, and The Grey Pope laying claim to this world. The Vatican Assassins, aka The Jesuits, still kill at will. They seek to create A New World Order, just a rehash of the same old order really.

The energy of Conflict against the Indigenous by The Jesuits across Turtle Island for centuries, has brought The Final Destruction of The Worlds Great Evil, as it is written Evil Destroys Itself, not because the Indigenous do anything, No Evil destroys itself because it attracts electrically / magnetically The Celestial Mechanics of Destruction.

The time has come for those who lay claim to Ruler-ship of This Planet, to let go.  ‘The Signs are Above’, the Celestial Militia approaches.

The Anishinabe are Those who come from Above. The Celestial Militia from Above is here now. The super massive electrical influences of the Red and Blue Stars are the cause of Celestial Plasma discharges. These plasma discharges, effect the Electrical Grid. The Plasma Discharges. will keep increasing now each day, till the Gris is overloaded, even the GridX2 (Planet X) preparations in November of 2016  will not help.

Bunker, preparations for the coming of all the ‘comets’ you are observing along with COMET CATALINA US 10 are part of the Celestial Militia, The Arrow Shot by The Creators.  Scientists have EVIDENCE of The GIANT PLANET ‘s IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM.

The  Comets and what is being called Planet 9 KIC 8462852, along with the others including what is being called 9 P Temple 1, and the super massive amount of leading and tailing edge Meteors gathered from the Asteroid belt, these Debris Fields are incoming.

The Electrical Plasma discharges cause all the Earthquakes. The Plasma discharges, cause the flooding as they penetrate the firmament barrier which keeps the Water above contained, thus causing floods. The Plasma discharges are causing the Droughts, and Fires across the Earth.


The Supreme Celestial Council Above, HRM King KaneeKaneet presiding are issuing the last warnings. War and Killing generate a electrical field on Earth which draw the Celestial  Militia closer.

The Indigenous of Turtle Island aka Earth, hold the balance on Turtle Island. The Crown at The Vatican can no longer prevent the Impending Cataclysm. Each day the Plasma discharges and Electrical patterns from Space, will increase.

It is the Will of The Supreme Celestial Council Above, that All War against The Indigenous of Turtle Island Stop.

Killing of Indigenous around Turtle Island, affects how close Turtle Island is going to get to the Center of the influence of The Red and Blue Stars.

Let Each One in Turtle Island Prepare Now. Go into Traditional Ceremonies First, offer up All to The Creator, in The Old Ways, The Traditional Ways, as HRM King KaneeKaneet says as He sits on The Celestial Supreme Council Above, “Ask in your Ceremonies who KaneeKaneet is?”. Ask ‘Who does The Celestial Militia Serve’?.


Sagitta & The Celestial Supreme Council. The Celestial Supreme Council – HRM KaneeKaneet aka The Bow that Bends but Never Breaks presiding, and Sagitta – The Arrow Shot By GOD.

Should the Vatican Crown ….. Jesuits et all fail to heed these warnings, their names shall no longer appear in the Scrolls  of The Anishinabe on The Great Turtle Island.

Here comes The Sun King – Michael The Archangel – Commander of The Celestial Militia,

Govern Thy Selves Accordingly.!

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