Trustee to act, perform, operate, proceed and fulfill it’s obligation as Trustee of The Trust.

It is desirous of The Anishinabe Nations of The Great Turtle Islands to maintain harmonious relations within our borders.

The Corporation of CANADA is responsible to maintain the agreements of the Kings and Queens of England who maintained relationships with the Sovran Nations of The Great Turtle Island and were charged with maintaining Trust Accounts for payments of the Lease and Rental payments due the The People of The Great Turtle Island, as Trustees for The Consolidated Indian Revenue Fund also known a The Consolidated Fund.

  1. The Trustee shall hold the Trust Property and shall not dispose of or deal with the corpus of the trust in any other way other than safe keeping and at the instructions of the Grantor, transferring the Trust Property to beneficiaries.
  2. Trustee to act, perform, operate, proceed and fulfill it’s obligation as Trustee of The Trust.
  3. Trustee’s Power. In the administration of The Trusts, the Trustee shall have the above stated limited power, all of which shall be exercised in the fiduciary capacity, primarily in protecting Trust Property for the beneficiary.
  4. The powers granted to the Trustee may be exercised in whole or in part, from time to time, and shall be under express written instructions and deemed to be exclusive and not supplementary to the general powers of trustee pursuant to law, and shall include all powers necessary to carry out terms and conditions of this Trust Agreement into effect.
  5. Trust’s Authority and Third Parties. The Trustee has no power to deal, pledge, transact, sell, commit, withdraw or act in any manner with the Trust Property with any third parties of this Trust Agreement other than with the Grantor and Beneficiaries at their instructions.
  6. Accounting by Trustee. The Trustee shall render accounts at any time to the Grantor of the trust, and the written approval of Grantor shall be final, binding, and conclusive upon all persons then or thereafter interested in The Trust. The Trustee may at any time render a judicial account of their proceedings for The Trust.
  7. Compensation of Trustee. The Trustee is entitled to the compensation of 2% of the Trust Property, being trustee fee which shall be deducted from the Trust Property without further permission or approval from Grantors or beneficiaries. The entitlement of Trustee’s entitlement of trustee fees shall apply to any successor trustee who qualifies and acts under this Agreement.
  8. Successor Trustees. The Trustee shall have the power with express written consent of Grantor to appoint his successor Trustee(s). If the Trustee shall die, resign, become incapacitated, or refuse to act further as Trustee, without having appointed a successor Trustee, the Grantor may appoint a successor Trustee. The appointment of a successor Trustee shall be made by a duly acknowledged instrument delivered to the Grantor and beneficiaries.
  9. Liability of Trustee. The Trustee shall not be liable for carrying out instructions given and directed by Grantor, except for willful misconduct, so long as they continue to exercise their duties and powers in a fiduciary capacity primarily in the interests of the Grantor and extended interest of beneficiaries.
  10. 3This Trust Agreement and the trust created shall be effective and binding to the Parties hereto only when the Trust Property or part of it has been received into the bank account(s) of Trustee. Once taking effect, this Agreement shall be irrevocable, and the Grantor expressly waives all rights and powers, whether alone or in conjunction with others, and regardless of when or from what source it may have acquired such rights or powers, to alter, amend, revoke, or terminate the trusts, or any of the terms of this Agreement, in whole or in part except with the written consent of the Trustee.

By the Authority granted by The Sovereign Kitchi-Ostew-Kaneekanagoshick-Okimow-Wacon-Kaneekaneet Of The Sovereign Anishinabe Nation Of Turtle Island, I remain Ararita Plenipotentiary Embassador and Permanent Representative of The Nations of The Great Turtle Island.

H.E. Ararita
Embassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Permanent Representative (DPC: 30 March 2009)

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