Environmental Protection & Enhancement Policy – EPEP regarding Water.

Under Review, please note: no current or historic compacts and treaties are recognized to supersede or govern Water on / or above The Anishinabe Nations of The Great Turtle Island.

All contracts made for import or export of Water must be authorized by the EPEP regarding Water.

If any contracts by sub-contracts or agencies of CANADA or THE PROVINCES, proof of the validity of such contracts must be provided to the EPEA of The Anishinabe Nations of The Great Turtle Island to comply with land and water use policies, as of Jan 2016 all inquiries for authorization to import or export water must be authorized by the Grand Council of The Anishinabe Nations. and the EPEP.

As of Jan 2016 no Companies or Agencies have applied or been authorized to import or export water by the EPEP  Environmental Protection & Enhancement  Policy Agency regarding Water.

If any companies or foreign agencies transport or export water, they are in violation of the EPEP law regulating water.  Any companies and entities currently exporting water are hereby notified to Cease & Desist immediately. Fines for such offenses of the sale or export of water from Anishinabe Nations carries a daily penalty of 1 Million Euros per day beginning as of March 31 2016.