Under Article 102 of the UN Charter Article 98 of the UN Charter the Treaty Section


Under Article 102 of the UN Charter, the Treaty Section is charged with the responsibility to carry out the registration of treaties and subsequent treaty actions with the Secretariat and to publish them in a timely fashion. In addition, by virtue of Article 98 of the UN Charter the Treaty Section performs the depositary functions on behalf of the Secretary-General in respect of multilateral treaties for which he acts as a depositary.

Accordingly, the publication program of this Office comprises 4 major recurrent products – UNTS (UN Treaty Series), MTDSG (Multilateral treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, UNTS Cumulative Index and monthly Statements of Treaties and International Agreements and 4 related publications – Summary of practice of the Secretary-General as depositary of multilateral treaties, Treaty Handbook, Handbook of Final Clauses and issues of Treaty Event Focus books.

All Treaty Section’s publications are available online for consultation under the relevant categories on the left-side navigational menu. They are also distributed as paper copies and can be obtained at participating depository libraries, acquired via subscription or purchased at UN bookstores worldwide. This office is not in a position to mail copies of these publications to individuals.